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The Technics & Science Research Foundation Press Release

Turkey recently made a decision to remove the teachings of the theory of evolution from the curriculum taught in classes, a move that is contrary to how the world usually approaches this subject. The news spread very quickly via the European pro-evolutionists press.

For more than one and a half centuries, Darwinism has provided the justification for harmful and violent ideologies like communism and fascism. Many communist, fascist and anarchist ideologues such as Marx, Engels, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Pol Pot repeatedly stated that Darwinism inspired their theories and actions. Social Darwinism, an ideology based on the poisonous ideas offered by the now-discredited theory, led to the death of millions of people in a bizarre and misguided attempt to strengthen societies by eliminating the so-called weak, the old and the disabled. Justifications for slavery, colonialism, ethnic conflicts and genocides were all grown in Darwinian evolutionary thinking. Generations upon generations grew up with the mistaken idea that humans or human life had no Divine value, and thus had to “earn” their “right” to survive.

However, over the last fifty or so years, scientific progress in the field of archeology and genetic theory has uncovered the most compelling evidence which demonstrates that a Creator with infinite power created life.

For instance, science has shown that in order for a single protein to come into existence, 60 different proteins have to be present for the synthesis of this new protein. Those 60 proteins would need existing proteins to produce them as well. However, this dependent chain of created proteins cannot extend back infinitely. There must have been a Creator, one that created life and related biological structures.

Furthermore, of the more than 700 million fossils that have been unearthed over the last two centuries, not one demonstrates an evolutionary, transitional form of a creature that would support Darwin’s theory of evolution. Instead, the fossil record proves creatures have remained unchanged for millions of years.

All of this considered, we believe that Darwinism should continue to be taught in Turkish high schools, but for the sake of balance, fairness, and accuracy, it should be taught alongside a clear scientific rebuttal. As long as the scientific evidence is accurately and objectively presented, there is no problem in teaching Darwin’s theories of evolution as a matter of general knowledge.

Until now, schools in Turkey have taught only the theory of evolution and have not included a discussion of the clear and irrefutable signs of creation. We believe that students should be presented with the scientific facts in an objective manner, being allowed to make up their own minds.

If Darwinian, evolutionary theory alone were true, we would be its foremost defenders. However, we see both in nature and in the Holy Books that such an evolutionary process never took place.

Lastly, we should note that the fears expressed in certain Western media that Turkey is sliding back into a new dark age are as exaggerated as they are unfounded. The truth is that Darwinism and the harmful ideologies it has spawned and supported plunged the world into the darkness of the 20th century, a hundred-year period marked by war, death and famine, the likes of which the world had never seen. Turkey, on the other hand, is now headed towards a brighter future.

Only an educational system based on scientific evidence and freedom of thought will help raise brilliant, open-minded generations for Turkey. We hope that the other nations of the world will follow Turkey’s bold example and spare their youth from the deceit of a Darwin-only school curriculum.

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