Press Release

Press Release

The Technics & Science Research Foundation Held the
3rd International Conference on The Origin of Life and The Universe
at the
Fairmont Quasar Hotel, Istanbul


The  3rd International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe, jointly organized by the Technics & Science Research Foundation, the Foundation For the Preservation of National Values and the National Values Foundation under the Honorary Presidency of Mr. Adnan Oktar, (aka Harun Yahya) was held this year at the Fairmont Quasar Hotel, Istanbul on April 28 and hosted eight senior speakers from the USA, Austria, Germany, Italy and Turkey.


The conference was promising for Muslim-Christian alliance; it brought Mormons, Muslims, Catholics, Evangelists, Presbyterians together and welcomed diverse nationalities and religions under a single roof in displaying the scientific proofs of Creation against the outdated and false claims of the theory of evolution.


The conference was attended by 400 valued guests, including scientists, academics, chancellors, ambassadors, presidents of various institutions and organizations, representatives from the most prestigious universities of Turkey, artists, athletes, reputable executives from the business world, journalists and writers.

Unique among creationist groups, TSRF is the only Islamic-based organization providing scientific evidence that refutes Darwinism and its false claims of  evolution. The TSRF also endeavors to establish cordial relations between the three Abrahamic faiths, namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism. To this end, the TSRF frequently hosts events which feature Christian, Jewish and other leading theologians, scholars, intellectuals and scientists from around the world.

Following the opening speech, a brief introductory film about Mr. Adnan Oktar, the author of the world-famous "Atlas of Creation", gave details as to his scientific and cultural efforts, including over 300 books, more than 5000 conferences and documentaries based on his works translated into 73 languages, and over 250 articles published in foreign media organs, as well as his live broadcasts.


The conference, which lasted about nine hours and consisted of two sessions included the following activities: Seven foreign speakers with world- renowned backgrounds discussed the theological and scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution.


You may click to watch Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation with the speakers of the Origin of Life and the Universe Conference and their families:


The speakers who attended the conference were:


Fazale RanaBiochemist, VP of the Reasons to Believe
“The Human Genome: Encoded by Design”

Ken Keathley- Professor of Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 
“The Seven Days of Genesis One: An Old-Earth Interpretation”


David SnokeProfessor at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
“How biologists are already widely using intelligent design principles ...and why their explanations for this are problematic?”   


Hans Köchler- Retired professor of philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and president of the International Progress Organization
“Monotheism and the Meaning of Coexistence: A Philosophical Perspective”


Oktar Babuna Harun Yahya representative, MD, Brain Surgeon  "Creation in the Qur'an"


Bijan Nemati -  Senior engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

 “The Pale Blue Dot Revisited: Appreciating Our Uncommon Place in the Universe”


Anna Manja Larcher – German artist Beware the Procrustean Bed: Evolutionary Explanations of Love and Compassion”


Fabrizio Fratus – (Italian sociologist) "Invalidity of Darwin's theory of evolution"


The film 'The Origin of Life' offered a concise view of the signs of God's Creation observed both in the heavens and the Earth. A film on the Guests of Adnan Oktar was also featured.

The conference, which brought together diverse scientific fields , also featured dance and music shows in  the various fields of art. After a percussion show and a dance performance by the Istanbul Dance Factory, the conference program continued with a luncheon, where the attendees and the guests came together and exchanged ideas in a culturally and scientifically charged atmosphere.


In the plaque ceremony held at the end of the conference, the speakers and the honorable guests of the conference were awarded with plaques by the members of the Technics & Science Research Foundation, the Foundation For the Preservation of National Values and the National Values Foundation.

For further information or interviews about Technics & Science Research Foundation or The Origin of Life and The Universe conference, you may visit conference’s website:

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