Event Info

28 Apr 2018
10:00AM - 17:40PM
Fairmont Quasar Istanbul


Session 1

11:00  - 12:00 Opening

National anthem and moment of silence

Video on the Honorary Chairman of TSRF

Invitation of the motivation and the speakers

Altuğ Berker

Opening Speech            

Fazale Rana

"The Human Genome: Encoded by Design"

Ken Keathley

"The Seven Days of Genesis One: An Old-Earth Interpretation”

Hans Köchler

“Monotheism and the Meaning of Coexistence : A Philosophical Perspective”

David Snoke

“How biologists are already widely using intelligent design principles ...and why their explanations for this are problematic?”

Session 2

Bijan Nemati

“The Pale Blue Dot Revisited: Appreciating Our Uncommon Place in the Universe”

Anna Manja

“Beware the Procrustean Bed: Evolutionary Explanations of Love and Compassion”

Fabrizio Fratus

“Darwin’s theory called EVOLUTION OF SPECIES is promoted through lies in the textbooks of Italian schools.”

Oktar Babuna

“Creation in the Koran”