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There is no doubt that we are living in one of the times when the world stands most in need of peace, friendship and brotherhood. The past two centuries have been a bloody arena of materialism: Ideologies based on materialism (or competing ideologies arguing against materialism, yet sharing its basic tenets) have brought permanent violence, war and turmoil to the world. Communism, responsible for the death of 120 million people, is the direct outcome of materialistic philosophy.

Fascism, despite pretending to be an alternative to the materialistic world-view, accepted the fundamental materialist concept of progress though conflict and sparked off oppressive regimes, massacres, world wars and genocide.

Besides these two bloody ideologies, individual and social ethics have also been corrupted by materialism.

Radical and bigoted terror, which seemingly has emerged against materialistic ideologies, is actually based on ignorance, lovelessness, aggression and oppression. Therefore it is also a great cause of destruction in the world.

One of the main ways of preventing such a disaster is the strengthening of cooperation and friendship between people of faith, who believe and love God. After holding several international conferences on The Origin of Life and the Universe, the scientists and opinion leaders from various fields, decided to establish a joint effort; to join forces against the materialist, destructive and loveless ideologies, to bring out the scientific evidences of the existence of our Creator and against the materialistic worldview and its so-called scientific booster, namely evolution theory.

In this platform, scientists, scholars and opinion leaders from different religions and cultures, will share their works to unite the world under the umbrella of love, peace and harmony. In other words, this website is a call to put into words our common beliefs!

The aim of this call is to invite all believers to unite around common objectives, to strive together against materialism, Darwinism, hatred of religion and social and moral degeneration, and to spread moral virtues by working together. This call is issued to all honest, conciliatory and virtuous Jews, Christians and Muslims, who are supporters of moral virtue, peace and justice, and are of good conscience.