Jerry Bergman

Jerry Bergman

Dr. Bergman teaches biology, biochemistry, and anatomy at Northwest State College in Archbold, Ohio, and is an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Toledo Medical College. He has 9 degrees, including a Doctorate from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. His over 1,000 publications are in both scholarly and popular science journals, and he has published 38 books and monographs. Dr. Bergman’s work has been translated into 12 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Czech, and Swedish.

His books and, or books that include chapters that he authored, are in over 1,400 college libraries in 26 countries. So far over 80,000 copies of the 38 books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print.

He has spoken over 2,000 times to college, university and church groups in America, Canada, Europe and Africa. He is available to speak primarily in the summer, but events during the rest of the year can often be arranged. His popular illustrated PowerPoint lectures include:

  1. Evolution: The First Link is a Missing Link. Documents the lethal problems with abiogenesis has been well-documented by science research.
  2. Monkey to Man evolution now a myth. Genetic and other research has proven that a chasm exists between humans and our putative closest ancestors, the chimps, formerly the gorillas.
  3. Let the Animals Speak about Creation. Using several examples to document the fact that so-called missing links are everywhere, and most life forms appear in the fossil record fully formed and no documented precursors exist.
  4. Simple, Short Proof that Nothing to Everything Evolution Could Not, and Did Not, Happen. Documents that science has documented the fact that evolution, as defined above, did not occur.
  5. Hitler’s Darwinian Worldview: How Darwinism was the major fuel of the Holocaust. The historical account based on thousands of records has documented the main motivation for the Holocaust was an effort to produce, and insure the continuation of, a superior race based on Darwinism.
  6. Genetic Variations & Natural Selection: Biblical vs. Evolutionary Views. Documents the fact that the effects of natural selection can only reduce genetic deterioration, not the progressive simple to more complex evolution as often claimed
  7. The Dark Side of Darwin. Documents the fact that Darwin’s motivation for the development of his theory of evolution was to destroy the major reason people have for believing in God, namely the existence of the creation. In his words, it was like committing a murder.
  8. Darwinism is the Doorway to Atheism. Documents by logic and case histories the fact that a major reason people become atheists is a result of accepting Darwinism.
  9. Heretic at Bowling Green State University. A case history of how and why rejection of Darwinism can, and often does, end one’s academic career, an event that has consistently been approved by the courts.
  10. Epigenetics: The Key to genetic variety. Epigenetics has revolutionized genetics. Besides producing another level of irreducible complexity, it adds another whole new level of information to the genome. It also explains by intelligent design much that was previously explained by evolution.
  11. The Problem of Time. A major stumbling block in the way of accepting the creation worldview is the long-age worldview, which shows one solution to this problem.
  12. The Progression Icon Demolished. One of the most common evolution icons is the progression from a low level animal to man shown as a serious of steps from a mouse to modern man. This icon is a myth, unsupported by science fact
  13. The Fossil Record Shows Stasis. Documents the fact that most all life forms appear in the fossil record without precursors, and then change very little since then.
  14. The Neanderthals: An evolutionary link or our brothers? A history of the Neanderthal claims as our primitive pre-human forbearers shows they are fully human and not primitive evolutionary ancestors.
  1. The Best Evidence against Darwinism. A brief review if the ten best reasons to reject Darwinism, including vestigial organs, the fossil record, the problem of the origin of new genetic information, the problems of cell origins, the poor design claim and others.
  2. Creation in Six Days. Shows that a creation ex- nihilo worldview demands the appearance of age due to design, such as the Garden of Eden had newly created fruit that appears to be on trees that were decades old.
  3. Irreducible Complexity Proven. Irreducibly Complexity is a basic observation of reality by definition, and the arguments against this observation are shown to be incorrect.
  4. Persuaded by the Evidence. Case histories of well-educated as well as well-known scientists who rejected evolution and converted to creation. Covers the reasons why they rejected Darwinism.
  5. Slaughter of the Dissidents. Documents dozens of cases of discrimination against those persons who question the validity of Darwinian evolution.
  6. Creationism is taught everywhere; the question is what is taught. Documents the fact that creationism is taught in public schools everywhere without problems, but only if information against this worldview is taught do problems occur. If information for this view is taught, problems often occur if this knowledge becomes public.
  1. The Problem of Faith and Science. Argues that many science theories are based more on faith than fact, such as the theory that the origin of new genes is new mutations.
  2. Vestigial Organs; from 100 to none. Shows that one of the major arguments for Darwinism has been falsified by modern medical research.
  3. Galileo: The Untold Story. Common claims are that Galileo was persecuted by the Catholic Church because he accepted the heliocentric view of our solar system. In fact, he did not have clear evidence for his view, nor did anyone else until much later. He was required only to hold his idea as theory, not fact, a rule he disobeyed. Most of the opposition came from the academic community, and the church was only endeavoring to make peace with his opposition, part of which was due to Galileo’s difficult personality.
  4. Sciences War against Christianity. Documents the fact that C S Lewis' fears about science becomingtotalitarianhave come true. The science establishment has largely blocked all efforts to do research and publish that research which questions Darwinism. We now have court approved indoctrination in the schools and colleges against theism, and especially Christianity, and in favor of an atheistic view of the world.
  5. Intelligent Design Everywhere. Presents numerous examples of intelligent design in the natural world, both the biological and in the physical worlds.
  6. Mutations Prove Evolution Going the Wrong Way. Documents the fact that 99 percent of all mutations are either near neutral or deleterious, thus causing genetic deterioration and eventually mutational meltdown.
  7. Attempts to prove Whale evolution fails. A history and evaluation of the failed attempts to prove whale evolution from a small terrestrial animal.
  8. Human and Chimp Genetics Compared. Documents that the genetic difference between humans and Chimps, now believed to be our closest evolutionary ancestors, is actually closer to 360 million base pairs difference, not one percent as often claimed.
  9. Haeckel’s Fraudulent Embryology. Documents not only the fraudulent work in his famous embryo drawings, but also in other areas as well.Why Mutations result in Degradation of the Genome. Shows how and why mutations are causing deterioration of the genome and will eventually cause genetic catastrophe and extinction.
  10. Darwin’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries. Discusses the most well-documented examples including Bathybius, Piltdown man, Java Man, Ancon Sheep Blunder, the Peacock Blunder, the Forehead means of detecting Inferior Races, Hesperopithecus, and others.Haeckel’s Fraudulent Embryology. Covers the many examples of his distortions of the evidence for evolution including his now infamous embryo evidence.
  11. From Atheist to Creationist: The authors story. My testimony.
  12. The Poor Design of the Human Body Refuted. Documents that claims of poor design are false.












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