ADNAN OKTAR  The alleged scientific support that Social Darwinism provided for racism, fascism and imperialism, as well as communism, is a widely known subject that has been much written about. But one lesser known fact is that a great many Darwinists, including Charles Darwin himself, have believed in the fallacy  that women are both biologically and mentally inferior to men.


As the evolutionist scientist John R. Durant also acknowledges, racism and sexual discrimination are the two main consequences of the theory of evolution. Durant verbalized the fallaciousness in Darwin’s stance regarding women as follows:

… Darwin extended this placement by analogy to include not only children and congenital idiots but also women, some of whose powers of intuition, of rapid perception, and perhaps of imitation were "characteristic of the lower races, and therefore of a past and lower state of civilization."[i]

The errors made by Darwin that Durant referred to appear in The Descent of Man, as follows:

It is generally admitted that with women the powers of intuition, of rapid perception, and perhaps of imitation, are more strikingly marked than in man; but some, at least, of these faculties are characteristic of the lower races, and therefore of a past and lower state of civilisation. [ii]

It is clearly obvious that Darwin looked down on women even while he explains why marriage is useful:

… children—constant companion, (friend in old age) who will feel interested in one, object to be beloved and played with—better than a dog anyhow—Home, and someone to take care of house—Charms of music and female chit-chat. These things good for one's health.[iii]

Darwin states that he – in his twisted way - regards marriage as necessary using the reasoning which predicates that "a woman's friendship is better than a dog's,"  yet his statements about marriage made no reference at all to features such as friendship, affection, love, devotion, loyalty, closeness, sincerity and trust between two people who spend their lives together. About marriage, Darwin also had this to say:

… loss of time—cannot read in the evenings—fatness and idleness—anxiety and responsibility—less money for books, etc.,—if many children, forced to gain one's bread ... perhaps my wife won't like London; then the sentence is banishment and degradation with indolent idle fool. [iv]

In The Descent of Man, Darwin also claims that men are superior to women:

The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man's attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than can women—whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands. If two lists were made of the most eminent men and women in poetry, painting, sculpture, music, ... history, science, and philosophy ... the two lists would not bear comparison. We may also infer, from the law of the deviation from averages, so well illustrated by Mr. Galton, in his work on "Hereditary Genius" that if men are capable of a decided pre-eminence over women in many subjects, the average of mental power in man must be above that of women. [v]

Of course, all of Darwin’s negative opinions regarding women and the misogynistic discourses of some other Darwinists, the samples of which will be given as we proceed, are diametrically opposed to the moral values described in the Qur’an. In the Qur’an, God commands us to be very compassionate, respectful and protective towards women. Furthermore, He cites women with superior morality such as Mary and the wife of the Pharoah as role models.  Superiority in the Sight of God is not according to one’s race, gender or rank but according to their closeness to God and their faith. In many verses of the Qur’an God informs us that all those who believe- without any discrimination between man and woman- will be rewarded with what they have done:

Anyone who acts rightly, male or female, being a believer, We will give them a good life and We will recompense them according to the best of what they did. (Surat An-Nahl, 97)

darwinism is_a_supersititous_belief_that_disparages_women

Examples of the nonsensical remarks of Darwinism regarding women

Darwin’s misogynistic statements are very clear and many scientists are well aware of this fact. Dr. Jerry Bergman, who is against the evolution theory and who explains the negative impacts of Darwinism on social life in his more than 800 published works and more than 20 books, says the following in his book titled The Dark Side of Charles Darwin:

Darwin himself concluded that the differences between human males and females were so large that it was surprising “such different beings belong to the same species” and that “even greater differences” had not evolved. Natural and sexual selection were at the core of Darwinism, and human female inferiority was both a major proof and a chief witness of this theory.

Darwin concluded that men shaped women’s evolution the male’s liking by sexual selection, just as animal breeders shaped animals to the needs of humans. Conversely, war tended to prune the weaker men, allowing only the more fit to return home and reproduce. Men were also the hunters, another activitiy that pruned weaker men. Women, in contrast, were not subject to these selection pressures because they “specialized in the ‘gathering’ part of the primitive economy” that did not require the strength or stamina of war or hunting.” [vi]

The major (and mistaken) justifications Darwin gave for his female inferiority conclusions are summarized in his classic work, The Descent of Man. In this book, Darwin argued that adult females of most species resembled the young of both sexes and that “males are more evolutionarily advanced than females.” He (mistakingly) concluded that since female evolution progressed at a slower rate than male evolution, a woman was “in essence, a stunted man”. This degrading view of women rapidly spread to Darwin’s scientific and academic contemporaries.

For example, Darwin’s contemporary and disciple, anthropologist  McGrigor Allan, states that women are less evolved than men and that “physically, mentally and morally, woman is a kind of adult child… it is doubtful if women have contributed one profound original idea of the slightest permanent value to the world.” [vii]

Of course, Darwin had no scientific basis for proposing these fallacies, but his biased and prejudiced claims about women spread rapidly among his scientific contemporaries.

For example, the materialist Carl Vogt, a professor of natural history at the University of Geneva, accepted all the conclusions drawn by Darwin, without subjecting them to any scientific analysis, and claimed that "the child, the female, and the senile white" all had the intellectual features and personality of the "grown -up Negro,” and that consequently they were inferior. [viii]

Herr Vogt went even further and brought forward the lie that they were actually closer to animals than men. According to Vogt, a woman was "a stunted man" whose development had been obstructed because her evolution had come to a premature halt. [ix] Vogt even claimed that the gap between males and females increases with civilization's progress and is greatest in the advanced societies of Europe. [x] Darwin was greatly influenced by Vogt's rantings, and stated that he was honored to count him among his most important supporters. [xi]

Evolutionist Paul Broca (1824-1880) of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris was particularly interested in the skull differences between men and women.  Broca misconstrued the relatively smaller brain in women and came up with the fallacy that women were intellectually inferior to men. Of course, that is a very irrational claim; today it has been concluded that there is no relationship between human intelligence and the size of the brain. It is absolutely impossible to come to a truthful conclusion simply by looking at the weight of the brain.

Many other evolutionists following the fallacies of Darwin and continued to claim that women are biologically and intellectually inferior to men. Furthermore, some evolutionists even classified men and women as two different psychological species. According to this fallacy, men are classified as homo-frontalis and women as homo-parietalis. Again an evolutionist writer, Elaine Morgan stated that Darwin encouraged men to work on the reasons why women were "manifestly inferior and irreversibly subordinant."( EIaine Morgan, The Descent of Woman, New York: Stein and Day, 1972, p. 1)

Being a woman or a man would not make one superior to the other

Obviously, Darwin's theses were based not on science, but on the culture and primitive scientific understanding of the Victorian Era he lived in. These theses gave way to harmful behavior, violence towards women and caused women to be regarded as inferior beings in many societies. Philosophies such as fascism and communism that disparage women, basically embrace Darwin’s misguided understanding regarding women. 

The intellectual characteristics that Darwinists use as criteria are abilities given by Allah, irrespective of gender. In one verse, God reveals: "You who believe! If you fear [and respect] God, He will give you a standard (of right and wrong)..." (Surat al-Anfal, 29) As this verse reveals, judgment-and thus, intellect-develops not according to gender, but according to fear of God. 

According to the Qur'an, men and women are equal, and superiority is defined by heedfulness.

God has imposed equal responsibilities on both, and holds both responsible for the same matters. Whether one is a male or female does not make a person superior in the Sight of God, but fear and deep love of and devotion to Him, and proper moral values do. In one of His verses, our Lord reveals that regardless of gender, those who exhibit the best behavior will receive the best reward for their moral values:

Anyone, male or female, who does right actions and is a believer, will enter the Garden. They will not be wronged by so much as the tiniest speck. (Surat an-Nisa', 124) 

Their Lord responds to them "I will not let the deeds of any doer among you go to waste, male or female..." (Surah Al 'Imran, 195)


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ADNAN OKTAR The nation of Turkey recently made a decision to remove references to evolution from the high schools’ curricula, in a move that is contrary to how the world generally approaches the subject.

 The news spread very quickly via the European pro-evolutionist press. Turkey’s bold move stunned evolutionist circles because until now, the theory of evolution has been enjoying a protected status all around the world.

But what was the motive behind this unexpected maneuver and why does evolution cause so much controversy?

Science or Ideology?

Although the theory is proclaimed as science, it is, in fact, an ideological assertion that has failed to obtain a scientific basis despite persistent efforts of the past 150 years. Even the strong propaganda machine of the Darwinist dictatorship couldn’t compensate for the missing scientific evidence. Billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours have been spent to prove the notion of evolution scientifically, but one and a half centuries later, the theory is at its lowest and weakest point.

In the meantime, the ever-advancing science offered over and over again indisputable evidence of creation. Different disciplines of science like biology, genetics and paleontology consistently pointed to creation. For example, science has shown that in order for a single protein to come into existence, 60 different proteins have to be already present and help the synthesis of this new protein. Clearly, this means that there had to be a time when all these proteins required to produce new ones, came into existence all of a sudden out of nothingness. In other words, they were created and there could be no gradual, evolutionary development in their production.

Moreover, more than 700 million fossils that have been unearthed so far have demonstrated that living beings have remained unchanged for millions of years. In other words, no evolutionary process took place and caused gradual changes in living things. If it had, we would have found the fossils of creatures showing those gradual changes.

The Propaganda of Darwinism

However, despite the clear and loud statements of science, the formidable Darwinian empire continued to exist because letting go of Darwinism would mean letting go of the hope of scientifically justifying materialism and atheism. So much so that countries, academicians, even leaders were forced to state that they believed and supported evolution. Even Pope John Paul II was compelled to sanction the theory, while the Vatican held meetings in favor of evolution.

No world leader could until this point publicly decry and refute evolution. Even when it inspired harmful and dangerous ideas like communism, fascism and anarchism (Marx, Engels, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot among others clearly admitted that Darwinism provided so-called scientific basis for their theories) and gave a mistaken intellectual foundation for slavery, colonialism, ethnic conflicts, genocides, the relentless propaganda and Darwinist dictatorship survived.

Resistance to the Teaching of Evolution

Other than Turkey, the strongest resistance to evolution has been and is in the US. Individual cases in various parts of the country clearly reveal the people’s irritation with the idea. For instance, in Kentucky the word ‘evolution’ was changed to ‘change over time’ in state school standards. As of 2008, teachers in Louisiana are allowed to teach evolution as a controversy rather than a scientific theory. Tennessee similarly gave protection to its teachers that ‘explored the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of evolution’.

However even though these incidents clearly show the reluctance to accept the notion as science, it is also clear that there is no room for anything more than these little acts of defiance. Academicians feel compelled to subscribe to evolutionist views or risk being shunned, even lose their careers. So many scientists and academicians have lost their jobs as a result that many scientists are now filing lawsuits like this NASA specialist, to gain back their credibility. As a matter of fact, Ben Stein, after learning about the horrific social and historical impact of Darwin on Jews, made a documentary about the faulty notion and about the numerous academicians whose careers suffered due to their rejection of evolution.

The situation is even more surprising in Europe. Most European countries, including the Catholic countries, readily submit to evolutionist thinking. Except for a Serbian minister who wanted to remove education from the curriculum, and who was forced to resign as a result, European countries have almost stopped trying to fight the Darwinist dictatorship. Central and South America also seem to have given up any resistance and surrendered to the iron grip of the Darwinist dogma. This widespread submission continues in Central and South America, in most of Asia, a majority of the Middle East, and most surprisingly in Iran.

Evolution as Science

This dictatorship is so strong, in the age of freedoms, particularly the freedom of expression, that the Council of Europe believes that saying that there might be design in nature could be a human rights offense. The black propaganda works so strongly, although the debate has to be about science, any idea that goes against evolution is quickly shunned as unscientific and dogmatic. Scientists who dare to speak up against it are ignored as pseudo-scientists and are not shown due respect.

Apparently, according to a Scientific American article, Europeans should see the challenge presented by creation proponents as mere “tricks”: “Unaware of all the tricks developed by American creationists, however, European journalists far too often jumped to the standard “balanced perspective,” looking at the case from both sides.¨ It seems that according to Scientific American, in what should be a scientific debate, trying to look at theories from both sides and trying to achieve a balanced perspective is wrong. However, science should be about discussing everything, examining theories from every perspective, examining the evidence regardless of what one wants to believe.

If God wanted, He could have created everything by using evolution as a process. However, if that had been the case, we would have seen its proofs in the Holy Books and in science. As a matter of fact, if the Holy Books and the science showed us creation via evolution, then, we would have been its foremost defenders. However, we see both in the Holy Books and in nature that such an evolutionary process never took place.


I believe that Darwinism should continue to be taught in all schools in a separate lesson, as long as the scientific evidence is accurately presented. There is no problem in teaching Darwin’s theories of evolution as a matter of general knowledge. Until now, schools in Turkey have taught only the theory of evolution and have not included a discussion of the clear and irrefutable signs of creation. Yet, students should be presented with the scientific facts in an objective manner, being allowed to make up their own minds because only an educational system based on scientific evidence and freedom of thought will help raise brilliant, open-minded generations for our world.

I hope that the other nations of the world will follow Turkey’s bold example and spare their youth from the deceit of a Darwin-only school curriculum.

Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) is an influential Turkish author and opinion leader. He has authored more than 300 books translated into 76 languages on politics, religion and science. 

ADNAN OKTAR Depression is a widespread disease in today's societies and is called the "plague of our age" due to its destructive power. It is a state of psychological collapse affecting everyone without distinguishing between rich or poor, ignorant or enlightened, young or old, men or women.

 Damaging the spiritual and physical health of the person, disturbing one's work life, social and familial relations, it is a problem that makes it extraordinarily difficult for people to function in daily life. It is a disturbance that negatively affects every aspect of one's life from thoughts to emotions and behaviors, nutrition to sleeping habits, and from work to relationships. It is a state of psychological collapse affecting everyone without distinguishing between rich or poor, ignorant or enlightened, young or old, men or women.

Depression can turn the life of a well-educated, good-humored, optimistic, kind and a beautiful woman who is a mother of two, respected by her family and those around her, who values art, avoids unrest, and who has everything she needs out of life, into a nightmare.

Or it can take the life of a young businessman who is intelligent, successful, rich, hardworking, ambitious, career-savvy, open-minded, strong in social relations, multi-faceted, and who regularly exercises, and turn it upside down.

Most people may think that it is impossible for individuals with such favorable attributes to suffer from such a psychological disorder. In reality, it is entirely possible to come across such people among those who suffer from depression and tell their stories about their experiences with the disorder.

According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report from 2017, 322 million people worldwide suffer from depression, in other words, 4.4 percent of the world population. This figure is so significant that it means depression is the most common disease of our world. That's why the WHO designated April 7 as World Health Day with depression being the theme of this year, to draw attention to the seriousness of the issue.

Again, some statistical data on the report is important in terms of understanding the magnitude of the issue. Depression seems to be a rising trend around the whole world, including the most modern societies and developed countries of our age. So much so that the rate of increase between 2005 and 2015 is 18.4%, which is a significant jump. Depression is more common among women (5.1%) than men (3.6%). Women are affected more by the negative consequences of this disease. Additionally, the incidence rate of this disease is higher in the elderly than in young people; the most affected people are between 55-74 age range. Again, according to the report, among the non-fatal diseases, the group of diseases causing the greatest loss of health is the depressive disorders.

In addition to this, another alarming development is the record increase in the use of depressants and the rising trend to consume these medicines as if they are a part of one’s daily diet. According to a study conducted by the US National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), when the periods between 1988-1994 and 2005-2008 are compared, the rate of increase in antidepressant usage in all age groups in the US is approximately 400%.  Among the most commonly used prescription drugs in the US, antidepressants are at the top.

Depression is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, grief, discomfort, exhaustion, indifference, restlessness, desperation, hopelessness, nervousness, tension, emptiness, worthlessness and guilt, along with excessive worry, anxiety and also various physical disturbances. The most dangerous among these is, indeed, the thought of suicide, which begins to occupy the patient's mind at later stages of the disease. The gravity of the situation can be understood more clearly especially if we consider the fact that millions of people try to commit suicide every year, about 800,000 of them lose their lives as a result, and according to the WHO report, depression is the main driver of suicidal thoughts.

In the fight against depression, regular exercise, healthy nutrition, regular sleep, positive lifestyle changes, antidepressant drug usage under the supervision of a specialist physician and psychological treatment support may be useful to some extent. But as a definitive solution, the conditions that lay the groundwork for depression must be eliminated.

Today, societies are under the influence of a strict, cold and loveless atmosphere. Most people have a tremendous tendency towards selfishness, insensitivity, hatred, intolerance, heartlessness and cut-throat competition. Most people prefer to do what suits their interests, not their conscience. The resulting trend for self-interest brings unrest, tediousness and tension. These feelings are not the kind of feelings that the human body can endure. Having a mood contradictory to human nature causes disorders in the health of the mind, spirit and body. In other words, as people move away from love, moral and spiritual values, they get closer to depressive disorders and psychological problems. The human soul has a disposition that only remains satisfied as long as it is in pursuit of goodness, beauty and love.

Making a child in need happy with a gift instead of ignoring him or helping a poor man instead of staying indifferent to him are the real sources of the most wonderful joy and happiness. The human soul must constantly be fed with self-sacrifice, love, moral and spiritual beauty. In every respect, a high quality life can only be achieved in this way. A self-centered life that is constantly dominated by anger and hatred is not how a real lifestyle should be. The fact that the majority of people make this mistake shouldn't deceive anyone. People can easily make love and peace rule over their hearts. It is not the conflicts or contradictions of the materialist world that will bring a superior lifestyle to humanity; on the contrary, it is the sacrifices that people make. In a society that understands that the world is not a place of conflict but love, disorders such as depression will disappear altogether.

Adnan Oktar's piece in American Herald Tribune & Riyadh Vision:





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